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January 17th, 2023Our Blog

We Buy

We buy cars (We Buy Any Vehicle) and eliminate your risk of getting into fraud or wasting time. Being among the best car dealers, we would offer you the best price possible. However, if you are still interested in selling cars privately, then here is what you need to know to eliminate the risk!

Privately Selling Your Car

We Buy

Not Everyone Inquiring is a Serious Buyer – 80% of inquiries are “tire kickers.” Most of the time these people are not serious buyers and do not plan to buy a car at all (even if they inquire about your car). So, you need to differentiate between time wasters and potential buyers.

Good screening help avoid time-wasters – There are some basic screening questions you need to ask to make sure that the person inquiring is a real car-buying prospect and not someone who is just fishing for information and/or looking to try and trick you out of money somehow!! Ask questions like the full name of the person, his location, and whether he/she would like to see the car in person.

Use bank Transactions instead of Cash — Paper money can be counterfeit, therefore, it is a good idea to use the bank transactions method, especially with large amounts of cash. It is easily to lose cash, however, stealing or losing bank transactions isn’t possible.

Avoid Post-Sale Liabilities – When you sell directly to a dealership there are typically post- sale liabilities such as processing charges and other fees tht can add up to a considerable amount once you consider doing them. A dealer would handle all this for you, however, in case of private sale, you would have to do it. Therefore, make sure to complete ownership transfer in order to avoid anything issue!

So, we recommed that instead of selling cars privately, allow We Buy Any Vehicle to help you. We buy cars from you and give you money!




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