5 Tips to Make Your Car Last Longer

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Cars are expensive. You can’t just replace one car after another as it costs a minimum of four figures – unless you’re a billionaire reading my article! A modern car can easily last 12–13 years if you take care of it. For that, you need to maintain your car in a way that ensures its stability. Moreover, major problems require more expensive repairs. Your active involvement in your car’s maintenance will cost less than usual repair costs.

So here I am with my 5 tips to make your car last longer. Maintaining a few tips can enhance your car’s longevity and save you money in the distant future. If you want to know the effective tips that can prolong your car’s life over 200,000 miles, then keep reading.

The Following Are the 5 Tips to Make Your Car Last Longer

1. Check Your Tires And Battery Regularly

Car tires and battery are playing a key role in the longer the car lasts. So you should check your car’s tires and battery repeatedly. In these cases, you need to maintain the following things.

  • Make sure that tires are inflated properly as underinflated tires can increase a car’s fuel consumption by 10 percent. It also increases the rate of tire wear which soon lead to the replacement of tires with a new set.
  • Ensure maintaining the correct pressure on the tires. It is usually mentioned in the manufacturer’s copy or on the sticker on the car. By monitoring the tire pressure, you can avoid punctures that cause expensive repairs and low fuel economy.
  • Tire rotation and aligning are a must to prolong your car’s tires life span. It is a very quick and easy thing to maintain the car’s overall performance. If your car tires are not rotated on aligned, they will wear down faster which causes decreased fuel economy and tire replacement.
  • A car battery is the energy source of your car. Usually, batteries last around 3-5 years. If you want to avoid replacement of battery now and then, must make engine on more often. But according to the expert, you should replace the battery after 5 years of use.

2. Change Fluids And Filters Regularly

Fluids are like the blood and filters are the lungs of a car. So you should take care of them in a routine to extend your car life. Keep the following things in mind to take care of your car.

  • Air filters help the engine run steadily. Clean the filter on a regular basis. Changing the air filter regularly prolongs your car lasting as it develops fuel efficiency, reduces emissions, and enhances the lasting of the engine. Read the car manual to find out the time to get a new filter.
  • Replacing your oil filters more often than air filters as it affects the engine directly. You need to change them every nine to ten thousand miles if you use diesel for your car and every six to seven thousand miles in case of using patrol.
  • Other than oil there are transition fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, wiper, and coolant fluid. Though most modern cars have a warning light for these fluids, still it’s the best to keep an eye on them to monitor when levels drop to prevent major problems.

3. Don’t Delay the Repairs, Maintenance, And Replacement

Delaying the car servicing cause more damage which leads to more cost and shortens the car lasting. Be active in the following matters to maintain repairs, maintenance, and replacement.

  • Never ignore the signal of a technical problem. Take instant steps to solve it.
  • Follow the manual for the replacement. Even though you may feel the car working fine but without proper replacement, sudden damage can happen which can lead to life risking situations.
  • Don’t miss the maintenance schedule to longer your car lasting.
  • Always be in touch with a skilled mechanic or car servicing shop for maintenance and emergency situation.
  • Always save up some money to pay off the car servicing, which helps prevent delay.

Car Interior

4. Regular Car Washes And Interior Cleanings

Washing and cleaning not only look better but are also important for its longevity. You need to take care of both inside and out. Keep the following facts in mind.

  • Ensure basic cleaning regularly. Daily cleaning can be done by you or you can visit your near car wash center.
  • Make sure to clean and wash up every crevice.
  • Try waxing the car once in two or three months to keep the car protected from the paint-damaging.
  • Interior cleaning requires some skills and particular cleaning tools; you can contact the professionals if you want.

5. Drive With Care

Drive with care, indicating to operate the car in the best way to get good performance in the long term. Inefficient driving leads to age your car quickly and you don’t want it, do you? So follow the following tips during driving.

  • Read the manufacturer’s recommendations about driving and follow them.
  • Don’t make hard braking or panic stop. It will only minimize your car’s longevity.
  • During shifting gear, make sure to stop the car completely before sifting to reverse or forward gear.
  • Never put your foot on the clutch.
  • Use all the controls gently to decrease tear and wear. Gentle driving reduces wear and tear which will save money. It also maintains fuel consumption, and longer car durability, enhances the replacement, and mostly keeps you safe. According to Edmunds editors, gentle driving improves the fuel economy by around 35 percent while fuel economy plays a key role in the matter of a car’s longevity.

Final Thoughts

Overall, you need to be active in the maintenance of your car if you want it to last longer which I know you do! Electrical components require proper servicing to get the best output. The same goes for your car. Little problems don’t take much time to turn into major ones if they aren’t taken care of on time. Servicing and repairing a car on time is usually less expensive than purchasing a new car. Regardless, if you want to sell your car, we are always here to help.

The tips mentioned above can be applied to any vehicle. These are the effective 5 tips to make your car last longer. Hopefully, our tips will help you to manage your car in the long run.


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