Tips For Selling Your Car

July 1st, 2017Our Blog

If you are thinking about selling your car in Ireland there are a few important factors to keep in mind.


1. Get a Car Wash

First impressions really do count when you are selling your car. You can improve your chances of selling by ensuring the car is spotless. Don’t forget the under body and inside the wheel arches. No one wants to buy a car that is dirty!

  1. Clean the Interior

When you are selling your car you should also clean the interior. Polish the windows – inside and out, hoover the seats and carpets and don’t forget to polish the dashboard! A clean and tidy car can be so much easier to sell. It shows the buyer that this was a well looked after car.


  1. De-clutter

When you decide to sell your car you should take all personal items out of your car – this means empty all door pockets, empty the glove box and empty ash tray.


  1. Top-Up

When you are getting your car ready to show prospective buyers, check the oil and coolant levels. You should top them up if needed. It is also important to check the washer bottle is full and even use some scented washer fluid!


  1. Wheels & Tyres

Wheels and tyres are an important factor to prospective buyers. You should check your tyre pressure. Another tip is to rub some tyre shine on the sidewall of the tyres – this can make them look new. Also, if you are missing any hub caps either replace them or just take the others off.


When you are selling your car remember, a car that is well cared for will always be worth more so a few minutes of your time could make you some extra cash towards your new wheels!


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