5 Summer Things to Do for Your Car

August 7th, 2022Our Blog

Summer Car Care

Summer’s on the horizon, and so is the door to having a lot of good times with the special ones. After the freezing winter overs, whether you hit the warm roads behind your car steering wheel in the day or have some music on and stargazing laying back on the hood at night, everything feels so refreshing in the summer.

It’s all about sunshine, vacation, camping, fun, and cars. But to go on camping or a long journey, your car needs to be ready after the grey winter. Let me break down 5 summer things to do for your car in this blog.

Give Your Car A Health Check-up

Winter leaves a lot of damage to our automobiles, especially in the freezing regions of the globe with ice and snow. Do you want your car to stop in the middle of nowhere with some unknown problem in the core and ruin the long waiting journey? I’m sure you don’t!

Then drive your car to an expert technician at your local garage. And make him/her check the whole car as an extra precaution. Especially give priority to checking the brakes, battery health, handling gear, and tyres. Have the car fixed if necessary for an undisturbing and enjoyable summer drive. Checking up on your car will give you the peace of mind that everything’s in working order, or to identify any problems that can be tackled before they get worse.

Take Proper Measurements for The Tyre Pressure

If the word ‘summer’ only reminds you of sunshine, don’t let it make you forget the heatwaves too. With the sun making your shadow shorter, the pitched road surface gets to be the hottest of the day. While your drive is cutting through summer wind, the four tyres are the point of contact between the hot road surface and the vehicle mechanics.

As the obvious of thermodynamics, the air inside the tyre expands and so is the air pressure. A tyre without keeping in check is more likely to blow out frequently in the summer season due to excessive air pressure inside the inflated tyre. Suggesting you use a harder rubber tyre instead of a soft compound to decrease the possibility of a blow-out. Otherwise, use nitrogen to stop your tyres and air inside them to have thermal expansion at an excessive level. Taking proper measurements about tyre pressure will not only save your car but also save you and your family members’ life too by preventing accidents due to tyre blowout.

Keep Yourself and Your Car Cool

Summer drive is mostly fun but on some days, you might be closed to being steam cooked or barbequed due to the heatwave inside your car. Kidding but no kidding! Due to the greenhouse effect, you sure saw how dangerous the heatwaves are becoming in recent years summers burning the forests to ashes. So to really have fun in your summer vacations, make sure to have the air conditioning system properly working in your car and enjoy the ride at a pleasing temperature despite the sizzling hot outside.

Also, don’t forget to keep your car mechanics cool too. Use clean and good-quality coolant liquid before hitting the road in summer and stock up some water. Keep checking the quantity of the coolant liquid and if it gets lower than the proper mark, you can top it off with some water in the coolant reservoir. Just don’t let the core of your car get too high in temperature for high efficiency while you drive through the hot air.

Make Your Car Shine in The Sunlight 

Like winter is the season of snow and ice, summer is of dust and heat. After the fewer car washes in icy winter, how about giving it a good clean and making it shine as new? Well, that’s not the end of the season, you’ll need to clean it frequently in summer especially the exterior due to the dirt and dust outside.

Give your windscreen special focus. When you drive through the summer wind, the fine specks of dust are usually hit by the windscreen and over the long journey, the visibility gets blurry for the driver which can turn out to be very dangerous to some extent. So you can see – a shiny car is not only just a fashion demand, but it’s life-saving too.

It’s also important to clean the other mechanics inside the car in summer to get the highest efficiency. Make sure to clean the windscreen wiper and repair it if necessary after the heavy work it had to go through in the snowy winter. Don’t forget to clean the wheels as well. Car Battery Condition

Check The Battery Condition and Brake Oil

Many people in Ireland only cares to care about the battery condition of their cars in Winter. Little do they know, the hot weather of summer reduces the efficiency of cars. Naturally, all the fluids’ temperature tends to increase with the heat of summer, battery fluid is no different than that. With the hot air in summer and built heat while driving in summer, the ambient temperature around the battery increases. Eventually, the battery fluid starts to evaporate quickly leaving to have corrosion on the connections and terminals. Cleaning these corrosions will lead to longer battery life and make driving efficient.

Another security step for your car in summer will be keeping the level of brake oil in check. It might be life-saving as in the high heat of summer, the possibility of the brake failing increases. In case the brake oil is lower on the level, it will be intelligent to top it off again with some more oil.

Final Thoughts

The time after the long sad winter, with the heat showering on us in summer, is probably the best season to have fun on the beach, pool, camping, or just long drives with music. But think about the sudden excessive use of your car in all this fun stuff! Is your car ready? I don’t think so. So beat the summer heat and its drawbacks with our 5 summer things to do for your car. To have a fun summer, make your car ready in and out by taking our advisable steps about car health, tyre pressure, keeping cool, scrubbing, and battery-brake checkup.


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