Scrap Cars Near Me

January 17th, 2023Our Blog

Scrap Cars Near Me

Scrap Cars Near Me

When it comes to selling scrap cars near me, the first thing that I learned was the difference between a salvage car and a scrap car. As this helped me fully understand the amount I can get for my car. To make things easier for you, I am going to talk about some of the major differences.

Difference between Scrap Car vs Salvage Car

The Value – When you compare a scrap car with a salvage car, the latter would fetch you a better price. Of course, the condition of a salvage car would greatly influence the price. There are certain salvage cars that won’t work at all, however, there are some that would work after some minor repairs. This aspect would determine its price. Scrap cars, on the contrary, do not have any value other than the steel it offers!

Spare Parts – If your car has a spare part that is in good condition which is sometimes the case with a salvage cars, like the engine or the gearbox then you can list this separately online to sell it and get much more money.  Since you are not really scrapping the whole vehicle and hence it has more value compared to a car that has been scrapped entirely or is a wrecker (a broken-down one). A big advantage that a wrecked spare part offers is that you don’t have to go through the trouble of disassembling the car and looking for parts when all you have to do is just remove and reattach the part to the vehicle and then sell it at the best price possible!

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