How to Save Time on the School Run

January 1st, 2018Our Blog

Parents everywhere know the panic that is involved when it comes to the morning school runs – Breakfast, uniforms, shoes, lunches etc, it can be hectic.

It doesn’t have to be this hectic, sometimes just a little planning and preparation can be a massive help for saving time.

Ideas to Help with The School Run

  • Lunches – You can save a lot of time if you prepare packed lunches the night before.
  • Uniforms – If you lay out school uniforms the night before this will save the panic of trying to find items in the morning and having to iron them.
  • Shoes – Encourage children to keep their school shoes in one place. A great place is by the front door.
  • Getting Ready – Encourage any older children to get themselves ready in the mornings. Try asking them to brush their teeth and hair and put their shoes on. It will save you time and make them feel independent.
  • Breakfast – Try keeping breakfast simple on weekdays. Porridge, cereal, fruit and yoghurt are great options.
  • Alarm Clock – Getting your children an alarm clock will give a helping hand getting them out of bed in the morning.
  • Clocks – Try secretly putting the clocks forward by ten minutes. You will be ahead of schedule and if something was to go wrong, you have that extra ten minutes.
  • Timer – Try setting a timer to help you achieve things within a certain time. You could also turn this into a game with your children
  • Essentials – Have a spot in your house for all essentials like keys, phone & money.
  • Bedtime – Ensure your children go to bed on time, but this is easier said than done!


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