Preparations For Selling Your Car

October 15th, 2017Our Blog

Selling your car used to be a no-brainer. Park it at the end of the drive, put a “For Sale” sign on the window and wait for the right person to walk by. In today’s car industry, the old methods will not get you too far. Smart sellers and buyers have a wide range of online tools available to make selling and buying, faster and safer. Without a clear selling strategy, sellers can be left in the dust.

We believe our guide will help anyone who is wanting to sell there car properly . Remember, there is a quick and easy approach available which takes the hassle out of selling and that’s with our services at

How To Prepare Your Car For Sale

First and foremost, investing your time in a round of hoovering and shampooing is well worth your effort. We always believe in good old-fashioned cleaning and detailing as an initial step in getting your car ready to sell. Thoroughly cleaning your vehicle is crucial — it’s one of the easiest things you can do. You want to ensure that your potential buyers are seeing your vehicle at its best.

Research is also another big part. Go online to car websites such as and Autotrader. Seeing cars in the same ballpark as your own in terms of year, mileage and car model should help you get a good understanding of the average market value.

Those who have kept records of maintenance and repairs will be rewarded for their due diligence. Service records are hugely important in a private sale to show potential buyers that things have been looked after at the right intervals. Providing accurate and up to date logs can reap benefits for the next person to buy. For new vehicles still in warranty its worth checking whether the factory or extended warranty on the vehicle is still valid and transferable to the next buyer.

Remember, all good sellers will always ensure they inform the buyer of any dangers or faults.


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