How to Sell Your Old Car When Purchasing an Electric Vehicle

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Sell Your Old Car


You’ve decided to buy a new electric vehicle, and you’re wondering how to sell your old one. You may not know much about the process or what paperwork you need to complete to do so legally. If you’re interested in buying an electric car, follow these tips from We Buy Any Vehicle for tips on how to sell your current vehicle  –

When selling your car, the first thing to do is set the price

The first thing you need to do when selling your old car is determine how much the car is worth. This means taking into account several factors, including the price of the vehicle itself and any extras that were added (such as rims, tinting, or sound system). You also need to consider how well maintained it was; if it has been kept in pristine condition since you purchased it, its value will be higher than if there are signs of wear and tear. In addition, age plays a role: older vehicles sell at lower prices than newer models.

Second, decide where you want to advertise your vehicle.

The first step to selling your old car is deciding where to advertise it. The most common places are local newspapers and online classifieds, but you should also consider the following options:

  • Local car dealerships. Many dealerships are willing to buy used cars from consumers and then sell them at a higher price. They may be interested in yours if it’s in good condition and has low mileage (fewer than 150,000 miles).
  • Private sales. If a private buyer is interested in purchasing your vehicle from you directly, this might also be a good option for you! Make sure they’re willing to pay cash upfront.

Once you have found a buyer, check their contact details and check that they have a current full Irish driving license.

When you have found a buyer, check their contact details and check that they have a current full Irish driving license. You should also check that they have the following information:

  • A valid credit card (or debit card)
  • A valid email address
  • A working phone number

If money is owed on your car, you will have to pay this off before selling it.

If money is owed on your car, you will have to pay this off before selling it.

You can do this by paying off the loan or selling the vehicle to a dealer. If you sell your car to a dealer, they will pay off the loan for you and then resell it at their profit. This way, no one else can buy your old vehicle until a third party has paid off its debt.

Here are some documents you should have before selling your car in Ireland –

  • Make sure you get copies of the sale agreement and registration certificate. The car‘s registration documents (also called the logbook) will be needed when you sell the car. Make sure you have them to hand, as the new owner will need them to register the car in their name.
  • Also, make sure that there is a valid NCT disc on your car when you sell it. All cars in Ireland must have a current NCT certificate. If your car doesn‘t have one, you can get it tested at an NCT Centre. You‘ll need to provide proof of identity and residency, as well as the car‘s registration documents.
  • If there is still outstanding finance on the vehicle, ask your buyer to arrange to pay off this debt before they purchase your vehicle, or at least ensure that they agree to pay back any money owed if their finance application is unsuccessful.
  • Before handing over any documentation relating to the sale of your vehicle (such as registration documents), take photos of each document with a camera or smartphone so that if anything goes wrong with the transaction, they can be used as evidence against anyone who tries fraudulently claiming ownership over them. Be sure not just to photograph them but also to keep photocopies! It’s also worth noting here that in some cases, it may be possible for buyers who cannot get financing via banks due, perhaps because they have bad credit histories; another option available would be for those buyers who could instead apply for personal loans – these tend though.

If you have any questions about owing payments on totaled cars. Check out this blog – What Happens If My Car is Totaled and I Still Owe Payments On It?

These are great tips for anyone looking to buy an electric car and sell their old one.

If you’re looking to sell your old car and buy an electric vehicle, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, it’s essential to have a plan before you start. You can find buyers online or in person—either way, they’ll need the same information. Before listing your vehicle on Craigslist or putting up flyers around town, make sure that:

  • You’ve put gas in the tank so it doesn’t run out during the test drive (or if you don’t want to put gas into it yourself, ask someone else to do it).
  • You know where all its keys are located so potential buyers can try them all out without asking for them back afterward. Afterward, they’ll give them back if they decide not to buy them!
  • The title is current (not expired) and available for inspection by any potential buyer who wants one before buying anything from anyone else. This could stop someone from deciding whether or not given items were worth spending money on.


As we have seen, selling your old car is a simple process. The most important thing is to ensure that you are completely honest about the car’s condition and value (or lack thereof). Once you have set a price, advertised it accordingly, and found a buyer with all their paperwork, it should be smooth sailing.


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