How to Save Time on the Morning Commute

April 1st, 2018Our Blog

he dreaded commute to work, it is surprising to know how much time we spend everyday driving to and from work.

According to the 2016 Census figures, commuters spend almost 30 minutes traveling to work everyday in Ireland. This is an increase of 2 minutes spent traveling to work daily since the 2011 Census figures.

How to save time on your commute to work

  1. Leave at a different time – Try setting off either earlier or later that normal, that way you can miss the main bulk of traffic at rush hour. Alternatively, if your job allows flexible hours make the most of this, it could save you a lot of time.
  2. Check the traffic – Try checking the traffic before you set off to see if there have been any accidents, disruptions or road closures on your normal route to work. This will allow you to avoid incidents.
  3. Take your bike – If you live within a reasonable distance from your place of work, maybe try cycling to work. You will improve your fitness level and skip all the traffic!
  4. Public Transport – If your work in a big city, it may be easier to get the bus or train to work. It cuts the tie stuck in traffic and then the possibility of finding somewhere to park.
  5. Consider your options – Even though it may sound a bit drastic but if you really do dread the commute to work and feel like you spend most of your time stuck in the car, the it may be worth considering a new job.


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