Driving in Summer

June 1st, 2018Our Blog

What Makes Summer Driving Dangerous?

Generally you would assume that driving during the summer months would be easier in comparison to winter. According to various Insurance reports the number of accidents during the summer is greater than in winter months.

Here are a number of factors on how summer can be more dangerous:


Summer Holidays

When the summer comes this means there will be a lot more young people on our roads. Unfortunately more teenage drivers on the road can mean more danger. Sometime due to lack of experience this can implement judgement and may increase the risk of an accident.


Drivers on Holidays – Busy Roads

Everyone has their favourite summer destinations and once the summer weather comes this means you have to suffer through traffic jams. Busy roads can make driving conditions harder and there may also be more impatient drivers which can be a hazard to other road users.

Often drivers may be unfamiliar roads if they are on holidays, this may lead to unpredictable or erratic driving. These drivers may also drive slower because they are unfamiliar with the area.


Tyre Blowouts

Summer can cause issues with the tyres on your car. The hot weather can cause the air inside your tyres to expand causing a blowout in well-worn tyres. Check your tyres regularly during the summer months.

Summer can do a number on your tires. As AAA explains, hot weather causes the air inside your tires to expand, which can lead to a blowout in well-worn wheels. Check your tires on a regular basis during the summer months, especially during heat waves.


Motorcycle and Bicycle users

Many bikers and cyclists take advantage of the warm weather in the summer to enjoy the open road – This means sharing the road is a priority.

Driving when there are cyclists can make traffic manoeuvres such as parking and turning right more dangerous.

By knowing what you might encounter, you can keep yourself safe and enjoy the better weather.


Wherever you plan on travelling to this summer remember to plan your journey and remember all road users.


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