Checking Your Tyre Pressure

October 5th, 2017Our Blog

It is extremely important to check the pressure of your tyres. The correct pressure for your vehicle can be found in the car manual or also will be shown on a sticker inside the driver’s door or sometimes inside the fuel cap.

Normally two figures will be on the sticker, one for normal use and a higher figure for full loads. It is very important to adjust the pressure when required.

If you are not sure of the correct tyre pressures ask a professional mechanic or tyre fitter.

Why Correct Tyre Pressure is Important:

Tyre Life – Over or under inflation can increase wear and tear

Safety – Over or under inflation will affect the cars grip and also breaking performance

Fuel Economy – Under inflation can increase fuel consumption

You should check tyre pressures every two weeks when the tyres are cold using a reliable tyre pressure gauge – available at most petrol stations & garages.

When you are checking the tyre pressure, examine the tyres for and bulges or cuts. If you notice something get it checked by a professional as soon as possible. A bulge in a tyre may indicate internal structural damage – meaning the tyre will be to be replaced.

Another example of when you may notice that your tyres need to be replaced is when your car does not handle or grip the road effectively or you may notice that it takes a little longer to stop when you apply the brakes.


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