Car Scrappage Dublin

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Car Scrappage Dublin

Car Scrappage Dublin

When it comes to car scrappage Dublin, there are several things that you need to know. Below, is a guide on what scraping is and why it is important to inform the DVLA even if you are scrapping your car.

What is Scappaging a Car? 

Scappaging a car (also known as scrapping) is a great way of getting rid of an old vehicle and getting the money back on it at the same time while making room for newer models. This can be a great way of saving on the cost of a new purchase while also ensuring that you dispose of the vehicle properly, instead of leaving it to rot on the roadside.  

However whilst scappgaging a vehicle is a simple process it is not always as easy to decide which company to choose for this task. Fortunately, we can be a great help here. We Buy Any Vehicle offers the best price possible for used, scrapped or old cars.

Nonetheless, we have put together this guide to lset down the pros and the cons of using each company as well as pointing out some of the main things to consider before you go ahead and use a company like this webuyanyvehicle.

The Guide to Car Scrappage Dublin

Inform the DVLA – First things first you will need to inform the DVA that you have sold the vehicle. If you don t do this the car could still be classed as being on the road which will result in you having to pay all of the tax on the car as well as any road tolls that may have been incurred between when it was first registered and then scrapped. You can also evit having to pay a penalty fee for failing to do this within the required time frame.

We are the best company for car scrappage Dublin. For more information, reach out to us today!


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