Buying Part Worn Tyres For Your Vehicle

October 1st, 2017Our Blog

Here we will give you some very important information about buying part worn or second hand tyres for your vehicle.

Part worn tyres are tyres that have been used on another motor vehicle. When buying part-worn tyres you must be certain that the tyres are road safe and meets the minimum legal requirements. You should also consider if you are getting value for your money.

Here are some important factors to be aware of when buying part-worn tyres:

– Ensure there is an E-Mark on the tyres. This will be needed for an NCT.

– Ensure there is a minimum tread depth of at least 1.6 millimetres on each tyre. If the depth is any less it will be illegal.

– Ensure the “tread wear indicator” block is not at the same level or lower than the tyre thread.

– Ensure the seller has performed a condition check on each tyre, checking it meets minimum legal requirements and is free from defects. Common defects are lumps, bulges and tears.

– Ensure the tyres you are buying are the correct design and size for your vehicle. If you are unsure what tyres are required speak to a certified tyre fitter or check the owner’s manual of your car.

– Ensure the tyres you are purchasing are no more than six years old. There will be a serial number on each tyre which is made up of a four digit code. E.g. 1210 = Week 12 of 2010.

– Ensure there is no internal damage to the tyres. The seller may be able to show the tyre was x-rayed to prove no internal damage.

– Ensure you are getting value for money. The remaining tread depth is very important on part-worn tyres and should be considered carefully before buying.


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