5 Tips To Spruce Up Your Car Before Selling

October 21st, 2018Our Blog

How you can get the best price for your car before selling

If you have decided to sell your car, you want to ensure that your car is in the best condition possible. This can be easily achieved with minimal cost, sometimes all that’s needed is a little elbow grease. By doing this you can add to you car’s value.

If you are selling your car privately, having a clean and spotless car can help add to the appeal for any potential buyers. This can help you to sell your car quicker and possibly for more money! When someone sees a car that is ready to drive and doesn’t require any work they may be more likely to buy the car there and then.

Here are some tips to to help you to get the best price for your car:

1. Deep Clean

Even though this may seem obvious but having a clean and clutter free car that smells good can really help when you are selling your car. Simply remove all clutter and rubbish inside the car. Scrub off any dirt and make sure you remove any drying marks on the paintwork. Also, clean all windows, especially the windscreen.

2. Check the Essentials

It is important to make sure all the essentials of your car are working as they should be. Before selling your car you should check your tyres are inflated correctly, oil level, brake fluid level and all the basic electrics are working as they should be eg. lamps & lights.

3. Minor Repairs

Ensuring any minor repairs are fixed can help the value of your car when you are selling. Touch up any chips or scratches to the paintwork. If your windscreen is chipped this can usually be repaired under your insurance at no cost to you. If your car needs a set of mats or seat covers, these can be cheap to by online and will help your car look its best.

4. Tyre Shine

When you are washing your car also pay attention to the wheels. Tyre black / shine will darken the wheels and help with the overall look of the car.

5. Scratches and Dents

Small scratches and dents can be repaired quite easily. Most minor paint scratches can be buffed out and can help if you are trying to improve the value of your car. If there is major bodywork that needs fixing it may not be cost effective to do this but if you are unsure a professional can offer you advise.


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