10 Common Reasons for Car Breakdowns

January 14th, 2019Our Blog

Having a broken-down car can be a very stressful time for anyone! It can be very inconvenient as nowadays we all rely on our cars to get us around. Breakdowns can sometimes be the result of a basic fault, that may be easy to prevent.

Here we have put together a list of 10 common problems that may cause a breakdown.

Battery – Flat or Faulty

When most of the journeys you are short and include a lot of stopping and starting, the battery on your car will eventually drain. To maintain a healthy car battery its important to take your car on an occasional long journey. You should do this during the day without using your heating, wipers and lights. This will allow the battery to recharge.

Wheel Damage

You should check your tyre thread on a regular basis using a depth measuring gauge. The less thread on your tyres means your brakes could be less effective.

If you have ever hit a kerb or pothole or just notice the wear on your tyres is uneven you should get this checked as soon as possible.

It is also very important to ensure your spare wheel us inflated and ready to use in the case you may need it.

Also, if you are travelling with heavy loads remember to adjust your tyre pressure accordingly.


A very common issue which you might not think is people putting the wrong type of fuel in their cars. If you happen to be in this situation it is very important not to start the engine and arrange getting the fuel drained and the system flushed out.


If you notice any change in the clutch of your car, however small it might be there could be underlying issues, so it is important to get this checked by a professional.

HT Leads

The HT leads carry high voltage to the spark plugs and can deteriorate with age. This can make it difficult to start your car.

Spark Plugs

Spark plugs can often wear out or break so it is important to keep your car serviced regularly to prevent this from happening. Spark plugs produce an electrical spark the ignited the air and fuel in the engine of your car.

Lost Keys

Lost keys can be annoying and inconvenient, so to prevent any unnecessary stress make sure you have a spare key in a separate place. Replacement keys can be sourced through main dealers in necessary.

Alternator faults

The main purpose of an alternator is to recharge the battery using the power from the engine. It also provides power for the all the electrical components in the car. If you notice frequent battery problems and dim lights when the car is idle this could be an indication of a faulty alternator.

Starter Motor

If you only hear a clicking noise when you turn the ignition or the dashboard lights come on but nothing else happen you may have a problem with the starter motor and should get it checked as soon as possible.


This is a very common issue with cars in the summer.

If you notice your car is overheating, you should shut off your air conditioner and open the windows. This will reduce the load on the engine and helps it cool down. If your car continues to overheat, turn the heater and blower on which will transfer the heat from the engine to the passenger compartment of the car.


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